by PJ Franco and the BurnOuts

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released September 23, 2014



all rights reserved


PJ Franco and the BurnOuts Anchorage, Alaska

Don't wanna work wanna go to the show!

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Track Name: Rage City Rockers
I'll find a place for us to sleep
Hotels for cheap
I'll find some food for us to eat
J in the B
I'll book some shows for us to play
For every day
For sure we'll go on tour again
We'll bring new friends

Ole, Ole Ole Ole PJFATBO

We've lost our repertoire for now
We'll make new sounds
We've lost a portion of our crowd
We'll still play loud
You've asked "so PJ where have you been?"
Just running late
"When you gonna play again?"
When things are straight

For You and Me
Track Name: School
Working for your leaders all day jobs are the same
Unless you spent the 4 years at least it's better pay
They give you lots of options like school or military
Tough it out say fuck it it's only temporary
What if you choose different like a dead end retail job
Guaranteed misery when working for these knobs
It's only just a paycheck for funding what is real
On the road again I go a different job next year

When the tour is over pray for me wish me luck
This the job I get cause with no degree I'm fucked

It's wise to go to school so you have a backup plan
I don't have the time for that I'm working for this band
Teach me now professor or put me for a dime
Paid less in education and more in parking fines
This is university and this place will never change
What's the point of learning here if you're not gonna learn?
This is university and this place will stay the same
What's the point of living here if you're not gonna live?

I should go back to school
Track Name: Dishes
It's time to go it's time to go
Get outta here there's no more show
I promise friends we'll do it again
Just come around 'round next weekend
Time to go back to your lives
Your boring girlfriends and your wives
I'm sorry about that man
I'm sorry about the fight
That you are gonna have tonight
Should've left a little early
Now you gotta attend to your girl and
All you gotta do to fulfill her wishes
Is do the fucking dishes

Do the fucking dishes
Don't wanna work wanna go to the show
Don't wanna work wanna go to the show
Do the fucking dishes

It's time to go it's time to go
Get outta here there's no more show
I promise friends we'll do it again
Just come around 'round next weekend
Time to go back to your lives
Your boring boyfriends and your husbands
I'm really sorry miss
I'm sorry about the fight
That you are gonna have tonight
Should've left a little early
Now you gotta attend to your boy and
All you gotta do to fulfill his wishes
Is do the fucking dishes
Track Name: 21 + Sober
Where are all the basement shows?
How about a house show, please?
There's a place for you to play
But only if you're 21

Here's a bar I can't get in
Sorry not a place for kids
Slap a wrist band or gimme an X
Bring your parents to play a set
Please I don't intend to drink
Then why you even out this late?
I only came to see the band

When you become an adult
You can buy tobacco and vote
Sell your soul to your country and die
Go to prison for stealing and lies
The one thing that you cannot do
For fear of the venue being sued
Is play in a place that's selling booze

On the day you're 21
You'll go out to buy a drink
Looking for a lively crowd
You'll come to find it's not what you think
Track Name: Bad Employment
Bad employment whatcha gonna do
Bad employment the law is after you
Bad employment you cannot survive
Bad employment now you're gonna die

The White House is white
Now it's black
Was originally supposed to be green
But the guy, he got the wrong pay

I can't see
In the light
Evil is coming at you with a gavel
Better watch your back
Before you get the slammer
Track Name: Paul
Well we learned from E.T. they love Reese's Pieces
That was Paul's idea but you wouldn't believe him
When his ship crashed the feds kept him for his knowledge
Guess there's not much humans can learn from earth college
They learned that he was peaceful and they learned that he was useful
But they still kept him hidden so he wouldn't scare the youthfuls
And the elders wouldn't believe in him or think that he was cool
Cuz people are dumb and don't believe in truth

The truth is out there, baby

Then Graham and Clive two nerds came along
Expecting nothing more than a trip to Comic-Con
But at Area 51 they discovered something new
They discovered Paul, they discovered the truth

And the government was chasing him oh trying to kill him
They were treating Paul like he was the villain
When Sigourney was the evil one she was the bitch
Tried to kill Zoil for thinking he's a snitch
What comes around goes around and you'll get yours
Crushed by a space ship you're dead now whore
Billion years of evolution
Here's to your retribution

Something in school they'll never ever teach you
There's other life there are other creatures
Dark ones and light ones and big ones and small
But they wouldn't visit even if you call
Who would really want to the way the world is
Full of bad people and lots of hypocrites
There's a universe out there with trillions of stars
Lets drive to the desert and ditch this car

Beam me up I want to see planets
Beam me up I want to see stars
Beam me up I want to see constellations
Beam me up I want to see Paul
Track Name: Yer Prez
The problem is your President
Minimum wage and welfare
Bombs are flying in the air

Four more years
Track Name: You're the Real Criminal pt. 2
It's not enough to make a living but enough to get by
100 euros a week can be enough to survive
Decrescendo like they forced as the drunks run wildly
We're providing entertainment and promoting sobriety
The sounds from clubs and bars bounce off of each other's walls
But it's us who are getting the noise complaint calls
We're not lap top spinners playing Top 40 hits
We're working class musicians playing for love and for tips

Sympathy for the working class
Animosity towards the DJ

You call yourself an artist to me that statement is jive
What talent do you need to operate iDJ Live
The only skill you need to possess is how to push play
Your goal isn't to perform it's to get drunk and laid (and you still get paid)
Your equipment is costly, mine is too
Your gear is like a light brite I actually know how to groove
Anybody can do what you do so why don't I?
Maybe I'm just a musician with too much pride.
Track Name: $80 Water
Conversations are loud we can't hear ourselves
Amateur sound guy with a fitted hat
Don't have our drum set we don't have our bass rig
Guess this calls for a watered down set
Following through, despite the truth
That this night would be a total drag
Exchange all our 20's let's see what they think
Counting singles when they're up at 3

Guarantee 80 dollars when arriving at the door (PAY)
No percentage of the bar because that too is yours (TO)
Take advantage of musicians just because you can (PLAY)
Everyone up in this town is in a desperate band

Playing for 80 dollar water

Our friends told us that these guys were crooks
Couldn't back down cuz we're true to our word
Already planned out a full hour set
As soon as we got there it was instant regret

Didn't build our audience why should we go back?
Talked to the crowd, they didn't react.
Tried to sell CD's to a room full of "NO's"
Held our heads high as we biked on home
Track Name: Young Cadetz
We are the Burnouts and we will not be denied
Word on the street is that we stole and lied
The truth is out there, there's nothing left to say
It's not your problem anyway
We'll write new songs for another day.

We are the Burnouts and we won't break our strings
Although that one guy did so we made him leave
It's more of a relief, than anything
Better music, higher spirits, more well being

We are the Burnouts and now it's just two
Me and you
So what do we do now?
Where do we go?
Let's go to the Rhein
Let's go to Koln

We are the burnouts and we're here to rape your scene
It's been some time but we still resonate the streets

{X} Fuck you, you're not a part of me
Track Name: Dr. Beat
While other kids were having sex, mixing drugs and alcohol
I was with a practice pad playing to a metronome
Call it an early Friday for tomorrow we will meet
Regrouping with the line to make sweet beats and tasty treats

Waking up at 4AM to catch a Greyhound bus
Pad jams all across the Rockys in cadences we trust
Heavy drums and harnesses attached to everyone
This was my idea of fun when I was young

Couple of years later finally got myself a chick
Shortly after realized I was neglecting the kit
The only thing I've come to know is hi hat, snare and kick
Never felt abandoned by that everlasting click
Cuz Dr. Beat that woman was the only one for me
Helping my with hemiolas and perfecting 3s
When I was learning Ditty Dr. Beat was always there
So as long as I have Dr. Beat I'll never lose track of time
Track Name: Misadventure
Travel with no plan in sight and now I'm feeling stuck
Feeling sad and feeling pissed, Christ I didn't ask for this
Is suicide an option cuz I'm getting pretty bored
Make a plan for your next move before your ass goes broke

If you don't make a plan then you'll end up like a hippie
Going with the flow until something goes along
Life's too short to wait for things for them to come your way
Hurry up and make a plan before your ass goes broke

It's not the life I want to live I need some fucking structure
Stability's a bad request when you are on the go
Moving from one dead city to another
Hurry up and get a job before your ass goes broke

Get up an go and live the dream it's only once you're young
What's this about another job this quest was to be fun
Play some shows play on the street
In our down time make new beats
Didn't go the way you planned and now you're out of funds

I've been to Bethel, Kotzebue, Dillingham and Nome
Born in Corpus Christi but I call Anchorage home
Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, the Rhein
Hit another country and don't waste any time

If we do this again - We better make a plan